Let's get on the same page

I take a different approach

My tagline is "for the laid back and adventurous". That's because it's when I work with the right people, I produce my best work! Being outdoors and in nature is 100% my element and it's when I'm my most alive and creative. I love going on adventures with my clients and exploring new places with them! I'm all about creating an experience which will bring out those natural moments of joy and laughter, rather than forcing you to smile. I'll probably make you climb trees, jump in the water and run around together. So if you're down to drive a few hours, hike up a mountain, go swimming at sunrise or dance in the rain, I'm your gal!

I'm not just another vendor

My passion is connecting with people and serving them in the best way that I can. This means I am usually very involved in the planning process and work alongside you to help this vision of your dream wedding come to life!

Rather than just showing up to do a job, I focus on building a relationship with my clients. Because when you trust me and feel comfortable to be yourselves, that’s when the magic happens! After all, your wedding day is one of the most intimate and special days in your life and you deserve a friend to be there, not a stranger! Often with my couples we become life long friends and keep in touch long after their wedding day which I LOVE!





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