Hold your memories

While there are so many positives about the digital age, one negative is that we often leave our memories on a screen and never get around to printing them. How often do you really go through your hard drive and view your wedding photos with your family and friends? Probably not a lot. But how often would you if you had your wedding album on your coffee table? It’s safe to assume probably way more! Holding your photos in an album will make you fall even more in love with your wedding day and bring a sense of nostalgia as you look back through your day.

My albums are made of the highest quality materials and bound into a gorgeous fine-art book. You get to choose which photos go in the album and then we will work together to create a design you’re absolutely in love with before it is sent off to print!



8 x 8: $1200

10 x 10: $1500

12 x 12: $1800

Mini replica album: $300




How does the process work?

Firstly you can pick the images you're wanting to go in the album by creating a favourites list in your online gallery! I then will create and design the album through a program called Smart Albums. Once I've done this, I will send you a virtual album where you can comment below on each page, noting any changes you would like. (It's actually super cool!) You can see exactly what your album will look like, page by page so there aren't any surprises when you receive it. We will work on it together until you're happy with it and it won't go to print until you're 100% satisfied with the layout!

How long does it take?

Because they are handmade in the States, it can take up 4-6 weeks to receive your album. However I promise I will try to get it into your hands as soon as possible!

Are they just for weddings or are they for sessions too?

Yes for sure! Getting albums done for sessions are a great way to encapsulate the season you're in and look back on

How many pages are included?

Up to 30 spreads (60 pages). Normally this is more than enough but if you want additional pages they are $30 per spread.

Why that price?

These albums cost quite a bit to make because they are hand made and are the highest quality! They are done though a company called Red Tree Albums and which are only available through a professional photographer. While you can go and get a cheaper one somewhere else, the quality might be compromised. It is an important investment that you will have for generations and you want to make sure it will last :)

Have another question?

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