Hi friends!

My name is Hayley but I usually go by Hayles! I’m an Aussie girl with a love of adventuring and the outdoors. I value moments over things which I think is where my love for photography comes from. I desire to see so many places around the world and I’m grateful that my job allows me to do that! Some of my favourite places are Iceland, Portland, Hawaii, Chamonix and California. Mountains are probably my favourite things to explore. Whether that’s hiking in summer or skiing in winter (hence why my logo has mountains!)

Being an enneagram seven means that I love to be with people and go crazy if I’m by myself for too long! I love my friends dearly and I’m always looking to the future for the next adventure or fun trip with them. But at the same time, I can do the most boring things with good people and still have a fun time!

At the end of the day, people and places are my passion. And to me there is nothing better than photographing people in a place that means something to them!